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Leo Daily Health Horoscope for June 21, 2022

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Dear Leo, your health will be better than before as you make a conscious effort to be more organised in your routine. You will have to push yourself to get back to some sort of physical activity. It will be difficult to stay consistent at first, but once you get the ball rolling, it will easily become an important part of your routine. Take care of your shoulders in the second half of the day.

While your day at work will be stable today, you will have a lot of new ideas that you will be in a rush to implement. Be more practical in your approach. Your seniors may be sceptical initially but have faith and they will come around. If you are looking for a new job, expect new work to come through. You will also go out of your way to help your co-workers with their pending work. Meetings scheduled today will get delayed but eventually work in your favour. Don’t take an impulsive financial decision as you might regret it.

On the family front, your life will be stressful due to a sibling or a younger family member being emotionally stressed due to their personal relationships. Listen to them but don’t give them unsolicited advice. Try to guide them in the right direction if they ask for your advice. Your partner will be cranky. As much as you may want to give them space, be there for them. Don’t ignore their emotions else you might land up in an unnecessary argument with them. Social life will take a back seat.

If you are single, you will reach out to someone you had recently met through common friends at a social gathering.

Activity tip: Have a salt-water bath before you sleep.
Lucky colour for work: Light pink.
Lucky colour for love: Grey.
Health tip: Practice gratitude.


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