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Best intimate wash to keep your vaginal health in check

Best intimate wash to keep your vaginal health in check


From their hair to their skin, women know how to take care of their health. Whether it is home remedies or picking the best skin care products, women know how to take care of their overall health. But what about their intimate health? Women don’t care about their intimate area as much as they should. Plus, intimate hygiene is not a topic that is usually discussed among friends and families. Most women make the mistake of using the same bathing soap which is not the right way to go about it. So, you need to choose a good intimate wash to clean your vagina.

Best intimate wash to keep your vagina clean

Here are the best intimate wash that will help keep your vagina clean and healthy:

1. Plush All Natural Intimate and Vaginal Wash

Infused with the natural goodness of tea tree oil and neem extract, this intimate and vaginal wash by Plush All helps maintain the perfect pH balance. It claims to effectively soothe itching and eliminate unpleasant odours. It is suitable for all skin types and is completely vegan and paraben-free. It is a gentle solution for women who are looking for a healthy intimate wash that prioritises their well-being and freshness.

2. Sanfe Natural Intimate Wash

A 3-in-one solution, Sanfe Natural Intimate Wash offers women a refreshing and irritation-free experience. It contains the soothing essence of lavender and chamomile. It is a dermatologically tested wash that effectively eliminates odour, itching, and irritation, ensuring ultimate intimate hygiene. It claims to be free of any harsh chemicals and it is gentle on sensitive skin, making it a safe and trusted choice. It is specially designed to prioritise your well-being and vaginal health.

3. Cipla Mamaxpert Intimate Wash

Cipla Mamaxpert Intimate Wash for Women is enriched with the natural goodness of tea tree oil and Neem extract. It also claims to contain powerful antibacterial properties that effectively combat odour and infections. Its gentle formula makes it safe for use even during pregnancy, providing essential care and comfort to expectant mothers, claims the product. With Cipla Mamaxpert, women can maintain good intimate hygiene with ease.

4. Bella Sensitive Intimate Wash

A popular among many, Bella Sensitive Intimate Wash is your go-to solution for gentle and thorough intimate hygiene. It contains delicate emulsion and is designed to cater to the unique needs of women, ensuring optimal comfort and freshness. It even helps maintain pH level, protecting you against irritation and discomfort. Bella Sensitive Intimate Wash claims to provide a luxurious cleansing experience, leaving you feeling confident and revitalised. For those who prioritise intimate well-being, this emulsion may be the one for you!

5. Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash

Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash is infused with the invigorating fragrance of lemongrass. These pH-balanced intimate washes provide superior hygiene and comfort. Specially formulated for sensitive areas, they prevent irritation, itching, and odour, ensuring a rejuvenating intimate experience. It comes in compact 100ml and 105ml bottles respectively. Plus, it is designed in a way that both men and women can use it to maintain the health of their intimate well-being.

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6. VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene

VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene is a gentle and pH-balanced hygiene wash, specially designed to prevent itching, irritation, and dryness in delicate intimate areas. It comes in a convenient 100 ml bottle that suits all skin types, and offers a refreshing and soothing experience, promoting overall intimate wellness. VWash Plus is a go-to choice for women who prioritise hygiene and comfort, ensuring a happy and healthy intimate life.

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