Home Health Asthma can affect even your sex life! Know how to reduce your triggers

Asthma can affect even your sex life! Know how to reduce your triggers

Asthma can affect even your sex life! Know how to reduce your triggers


Worsening air quality due to pollution levels can make something as basic as breathing a struggle for those with asthma. Breathing problems can affect a person’s quality of life in a huge way. But did you know that having asthma could also affect your sex life?

While adopting certain simple and everyday habits can ease your sexual life even with asthma, it turns out that asthma symptoms can get triggered during sex.

A Britain-based charity Asthma UK, had in 2017, reported a survey highlighting asthma patients’ need to use an inhaler during or after sex. Some people even reduced the frequency and amount of sex they had. For some, an orgasm triggered an asthma attack. Certain respondents even claimed finding it difficult to breathe during oral sex.

Side effects of asthma on sex life
Asthma flare-ups may make you skip sex or reduce its frequency?Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What causes asthma symptoms during sex?

Sex is no less than a high intensity workout, which can increase breathing rate and your heartbeat can increase. If you may be already dealing with breathing problems, it can exacerbate asthma symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough, feeling nervous and chest pain.

In case you tend to experience this in the middle of sexual intercourse, you must pay attention to it rather than ignoring it.

Likely causes of asthma issues during sex

1. You may be more excited than usual
2. If you’re using an aroma candle or perfumed essential oil, it may trigger symptoms of asthma.
3. In case you are allergic to latex, even latex condoms can lead to asthma symptoms.
4. Certain sex positions can make it tougher to breathe.
5. Asthma or breathing problems can be triggered by dust, dirt, cigarette smoke, within a room.

How to manage asthma symptoms during sex

If you feel that asthma is affecting your sex life, it is best to use an inhaler or other methods to calm down the aggravated breathing.

1. You must convey your discomfort to your partner, and stop.
2. Give your body the rest it needs, instead of taking a short pause and jumping into action!
3. Avoid the sex positions which may be making your asthma symptoms flare up.

sex positions
Choose your sex positions carefully if you’re an asthmatic patient. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Sex tips for asthma patients

1. Engage in sexual intercourse only when your breathing is smooth and comfortable.
2. You must ensure taking medicines on time.
3. Give at least a 2-hour break after consuming a heavy meal, before indulging in sex. If your tummy is full, breathing becomes much faster.
4. Avoid sex after smoking and drinking alcohol.
5. Prioritize your comfort level.


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