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Pisces Daily Health Horoscope for June 16, 2022

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Dear Pisces, your health will be sensitive today due to you feeling under the weather. Slight cold, cough or viral could disturb your routine and make you feel tired throughout the day. Visit a doctor rather than self-medicating or try out some home remedies like drinking turmeric milk or inhaling steam. Don’t skip your meals else it will cause more weakness in your body. Sleep on time to wake up fresh and recharged tomorrow.

On the work front, tasks will be pouring in and people will lay their confidence in you to execute it. You will also have to present your ideas or initiate a meeting to discuss future plans regarding work. You must stay confident while presenting your ideas. In the end, your seniors will be convinced to use your ideas and will give you the charge to execute them. Be more organised in your planning.

On the family front, your parent’s health will need attention today. You will feel the stress and a family member might turn to you for making decisions regarding their health. Spend some more time at home today and be by your parents’ side for their emotional support. Even though you might have plans with your partner and social obligations, allow that to take a back seat, as you need to rest too and also be there for your family members. Your partner and friends will understand and give you the space to be.

If you are single, you will put yourself all out to meet and mingle with new people at an event or a social gathering.

Activity tip: Listening to chants or meditative music will help.
Lucky colour for work: Dark green.
Lucky colour for love: Light pink.

Health tip: Don’t over analyse what people say.

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