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Gemini Daily Health Horoscope for June 17, 2022

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Dear Gemini, your health will be stable today. You will have a strong willpower to bounce back to your physical activity routine. The second half of the day will be physically exhausting. Not that it will affect your health but you will feel the fatigue before you hit the bed. Try to go to bed early, so that you wake up feeling refreshed tomorrow.

Today, your day at work will be smooth. You will be focussed on closing on-going deals and also push people in that direction. Some paperwork will need assembling and organisation, which as much as you are lazy to do, you will have to put your attention to it. A co-worker will be irritated due to their personal problems, so don’t add too much pressure on them. Avoid arguments with your seniors just to prove your point. Don’t take their feedback as criticism. Stuck finances will clear giving you more freedom to make some investment based decisions.

Your family life will be unstable due to a family member confronting you on underlying friction. You may be caught off guard and stuck in a situation where you will have to give into the pressure and resolve or make peace with the decisions others are making for you. Avoid carrying family stress into your relationship with your partner else it might lead to unnecessary friction with them. You will withdraw from social obligations to calm your nerves and absorb everything that has transpired with your family today.

For those who are single, will be too drained out mentally to interact or meet anyone new.

Activity tip: Listen to meditative music or chants in the morning before work.
Lucky colour for work: Sea blue.
Lucky colour for love: Light pink.

Health tip: Let go of the past.


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