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6 qualities of a leader you should possess

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What makes someone a good leader? This is one question a lot of people think about, especially when it comes to professional lives. Leadership is not necessarily you are born with it, you can hone the skills and become an incredible leader. While you may imagine that an effective leader is someone who is only strong and confident, it takes a lot more than this to lead. It can look different to different people!

Having said that, scroll down to know some qualities that you should possess as a leader if you haven’t already started working on these.

6 qualities of a leader you should possess

So, what are these qualities that we have been talking about? Dr Jyoti Kapoor, Senior Psychiatrist, and Founder, Manasthali, shares the following qualities someone who wants to be a leader should possess.

qualities of a leader
Qualities of a leader you should possess. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

1. Be adaptable

As the world is becoming complex and dynamic, it becomes important for a leader to become resilient. It’s essential to adapt to new surroundings and different types of teams. Take into account the level of risk, and how much effort you and the team need to contribute, adds Dr Kapoor.

2. Delegation is important

Trusting your team with your idea is a sign of ultimate strength, not weakness, and will enable your company to develop by creating a circle of trust. The key here is to start slow and try to build delegating abilities by showing trust in your employees and yourself.

3. Good communication skills

Although the goals you have for your company may seem obvious in your mind, you need to communicate these ideas, explains the psychiatrist. A leader should be someone who is clear about his/her ideas and knows how to properly communicate that message so that they are on the same page with their people.

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4. Determination is key

Strong determination is essential! By doing so, you demonstrate your own commitment to your organization and your excitement for the collaborative efforts of the team. This will encourage others to do the same. After all, a leader should also be someone people should look up to.

5. You need decision-making skills

Good leaders are decisive and know how to help the organization, employees, stakeholders and customers. You would never envision a leader who is unclear and uncertain, advises the expert. So, stop doubting yourself and make smart decisions to keep things smooth at work.

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decision making skills
A leader should have decision-making skills. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Virtue of humility

Humility is all about being respectful, truthful and confident! Nobody likes a leader who is arrogant. Dr Kapoor says humble leaders are the best leaders. A humble leader must understand the fact that leadership is all about working for the greater good.

You can start by trying to incorporate some of these qualities as a leader to be the best at work and in life. While being a leader takes a lot of effort, it is all worth it! Just don’t forget to be humble when you become the kind of leader you want to be.


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